When I was in the 7-8th grade (1994), there were class videos we had to watch about this or that. One show in particular had a cliffhanger ending, and I never got to find out what happened.

There were at least two kids. They find a lady who is destroying books aka "I am the book destroyer". The episode in question, had a man whose eyes were closed, then he opens them, hypnotizing one of the kids. It was a live action series, and was as cheesy as it gets...

The video style was similar to a music video called "Ghost of a Chance", where a house trapped a pizza guy who had fractions pop up at points in the song being played about his chances of escaping that particular trap or room (ended with something like 15/16 chance of escape and he picks the one wrong door).


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This is Episode 9 of Season 2 of Read All About It (1979-1981).

The Book Destroyer traps Lynne and Alex in her mine and says they must help her erase all villains from books.

Found with search terms of educational videos "book destroyer"

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    how this made it to my classroom in a Kansas city suburb i'll never know Commented Apr 18, 2019 at 20:56

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