This is a retcon question. It’s relevant because the return of the Emperor in Episode 9 re-raises the issue of who will bring balance to the Force.

There are the following quotes in Episode V:

Yoda: Told you I did. Reckless is he. Now, matters are worse.

Obi-Wan: That boy is our last hope.

Yoda: No. There is another.


Yoda (dying): There is another Sky Sky wal . . . k. . er (croak)


Luke: Yoda spoke of another.

Obi-Wan: "The other he spoke of was your twin sister."

This question assumes Kylo Ren is the "other" Yoda referred to. Based on that assumption, this question asks for supporting evidence.

This is NOT a duplicate of other questions, which ask who Yoda was referring to, or which identify Leia as the person Yoda was referring to.

This question also makes the assumption that the hope Obi-Wan referred to was the concept that a chosen one would eventually bring balance to the Force. Qui-Gon thought it would be Anakin. Obi-Wan thought it would be Luke. Back in the 1980s we believed Yoda thought it would (or could) be Leia.

But, is there evidence in canon that Yoda was referring to Kylo Ren? (Or, referring to Kylo Ren indirectly through Leia?)

It's possible that Kylo Ren had already been conceived at that point in Episode V (on the Falcon). It's possible that Yoda knew all this from Force visions. It's possible that Kylo Ren will be the person to finally bring balance to the Force.

What is the canonical evidence?

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    Yoda was clearly referring to Leia as Kylo was at the time just a lustful look in his parents eyes and nothing more, ie he was not born. – Rebel-Scum Apr 18 at 18:20
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    @Rebel-Scum It appears that OP is really asking if the Force grants some sort of prophetic ability. Maybe the question should be edited to reflect that? – Spencer Apr 18 at 18:58
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    @Rebel-Scum, this is not a duplicate of "If Leia was really “another” hope, how come Yoda thought she should be left to die?". That question assumes Leah was the hope. My question assumes Kylo Ren is the hope, and asks readers to submit supporting evidence. – Chewbaccapoopoo Apr 18 at 19:25
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    Always in motion the future is... Difficult to see... I think it's a dupe of the link question as Leia was clearly the other hope. – Rebel-Scum Apr 18 at 19:25
  • Here is an example of canonical evidence supporting Kylo Ren as the hope. Anakin was NOT the hope, because his actions in ROTJ did not end Palpatine's existence. Rather, as shown in the Episode 9 teaser trailer, Palpatine's spirit is alive and well. – Chewbaccapoopoo Apr 18 at 19:28