Rather prominently, Pike's first officer called herself "Number One" when asked in an official capacity. While she gets way more screen time in ST:Discovery, we never see her named. It's now apparently a gimmick of the series.

Was she ever given a name anywhere?

  • Hmm...Pike seems to call her "Anna" in the season finale. – Paulie_D Apr 19 at 9:30
  • It sounds like it, but what he's saying, based on the official closed captioning on the Space broadcast of the episode, is "...I'm giving you the Conn. And, uh, Admiral, do everything you can to buy Burnham more time." – Keith Morrison Apr 19 at 23:52
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    I believe it’s Nuüm’bah Uan. – Paul D. Waite Apr 20 at 2:03

Here is what Memory Alpha has to say about her name. The upshot is there has never been a definitive canonical name assigned to her character, but she has been given a long string of possible names in various apocryphal works.

In the Marvel Star Trek: Early Voyages comic book series, this character was named Lieutenant Commander Robbins. Her first name was interrupted by other dialogue, but starts with "Eure—."

The novel Vulcan's Glory, by Star Trek: The Original Series writer D.C. Fontana, suggested this character's moniker was not simply a nickname or title — she was an Illyrian who was called "Number One," as the best intellect among her generation. The novels The Children of Kings and Child of Two Worlds explain that Number One does have a given name, but it's difficult to pronounce for non-Illyrians; the former suggests that she liked to be called by this name rather than her own as it enabled her to maintain a professional relationship with her captain. In the novel Captain to Captain she is referred to as "Una", however this is not her real name either.

In the Captain's Table novel Where Sea Meets Sky, Number One was given the last name "Lefler" (an allusion to Robin Lefler).

Star Trek II: Biographies gives her real name as Leigh Hudec.

Peter David's New Frontier series of novels had a character named "Morgan Primus" who was an immortal like Flint (from TOS: "Requiem for Methuselah") and was the mother of Robin Lefler. It is hinted that she and Number One are the same person.


In the Star Trek: Discovery novel, Desperate Hours, Number One had been promoted to Commander and was given the last name "Una".

  • Anna Una....seems kinda unwieldy! :) – Paulie_D Apr 19 at 9:31

According to the showrunner Michelle Paradise, her name is Una

From the interview with the ST:DIS co-executive producer:

TREKCORE: Rebecca Romijn’s Number One went by ‘Commander’ or simply ‘Number One’ for most of her time on-screen, but it sounded like Pike did call her ‘Una’ one time during the finale — the character’s name from the Star Trek tie-in novels. It wasn’t in the captions, so can you confirm we heard that correctly?

PARADISE: Oh yes, it was Una.


According to Netflix, her first name is Noona (possibly an error)

This is how Captain Pike called her in Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Finale.

enter image description here

Therefore, it seems that the name shown on Netflix is a transcript error of her real and intended name 'Una'.

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    That's possibly an error in the transcription. In the version broadcast on Space, the captioning has Pike saying "Report back to the Bridge, I'm giving you the Conn. And, uh, Admiral, do everything you can to buy Burnham more time." – Keith Morrison Apr 19 at 23:48
  • Confirmed that it's a transcription error. I pulled up Closed Captioning on CBS All Access and this is what it says after "conn". He doesn't pause before starting into the next sentence. – Machavity Apr 20 at 1:19
  • Well, I did my best :) So now we will have a continent-level canon? – Edmund Dantes Apr 20 at 6:19

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