I read this manga a while ago. All the characters were half-human, half-animal. The main character was half-human, half-crow, his main weapon was this hatchet-like thing attached to a chain that he would throw.

One of the secondary characters was a half-human, half-fish that was always trying to get the character to shut up and also super grumpy.

A second side character was a half-human, half-bear that was introduced when he killed someone because he couldn’t control his animal side.

A third side character that was introduced pretty late was a half-human, half-bat kid whose mom was killed by her dad and she lived because she was hiding in the forest.


This is +Anima (AKA Purasu Anima, AKA プラス アニマ)

Beings who possess animal-like powers walk among humans in this alternate universe. These mysterious mutants, the +Anima, are shunned by society. Four outcasts in particular — Cooro, a boy with crow-like powers; Husky, a fish-boy; Senri, a bear +Anima; and a girl named Nana, who wields the power of the bat — search for others like themselves while trying to gain acceptance in a world cruel to anyone or anything that is different.


In the Mukai's original short story, Cooro is much more violent, has wild behavior, and wields a small hatchet.

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  • Yes, +Anime was it, I was looking everywhere, I’m so stupid cus I thought it was called Anime+. thank you – sir wiggleton Apr 20 '19 at 22:04
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