In Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018), Han is piloting the Millennium Falcon with Chewbacca.

Han: Drop the landing gear. When I tell you, flood the intake and sweep to the bi-lats. A little something I picked up from my pal, Needles, best street racer in all of Corellia. Till he crashed and died, doing this.

What is the meaning of "flood the intake and sweep to the bi-lats"?

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    Bi-lats is almost certainly a reference to bilateral stabilizers, which we've heard referenced before. – Scott Whitlock Apr 20 at 15:45
  • And "flood the intake" could mean flooding the fuel intake, to get a sudden (likely dangerous) burst of speed. I'd have to rewatch the scene in question to translate it to the actual maneuver they were attempting at the time, but this makes it sound like a Tokyo Drift. – Liesmith Apr 23 at 22:50

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