I remember a book about a worker who got caught in a moon rocket, crashed through the crust and survived.

Was joined by a chimp named Cheeky who was in the rocket and met a moon man with translucent skin and a cosmonaut who turned out to be his brother.

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  • From the question title, I was about to answer with Miss Pickerell on the Moon -- but never mind. – Zeiss Ikon Apr 21 at 0:05
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One Against the Moon by Donald A. Wollheim

When Robin Carew is mistakenly thrust into space in what is meant to be an unmanned craft, he is forced to explore the moon terrain for food and water. While there, he also discovers strange animals and an alien-being.

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    There’s a name which does not make me think in any way that the story will be derivative of Robinson Crusoe. – James McLeod Apr 20 at 23:57
  • That is it! Thank you profusely! – Marc Schlesinger Apr 29 at 3:18

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