I have been trying to find who took over the Naboo seat after Padmé died during RoTS. I have found information on who was there before her from the Queen's Shadow book.

And I know in Legends it was eventually taken over by her niece but I can't find anything on who was the senator right after her death in either of the canons for that matter. I am assuming Jar-Jar had to assume some responsibilities for some time.

Was he left there and promoted from just a representative to full fledged senator? Or was someone else eventually sent?

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    It was Jar Jar Binks followed by Pooja Naberrie according to the Star Wars Encyclopedia. I don't think there's a canon confirmation of who came after Padmé, nor that Jar Jar became the full Senator. – Valorum Apr 21 at 7:17
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    "While the two scripts are similar, small variances differentiate the Royal Script from the Naboo Futhark, a fact made eminently clear when Senator Binks of Naboo famously misinterpreted the name of the Palazzo's Heroine Hall as "Hero in Hell" during Queen Apailana's state visit to the world. - Hyperspace Article: The Written Word, etc – Valorum Apr 21 at 7:21

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