I'm looking this book I read 5-10 years ago (I read a Finnish version but think it was a translation from English, I think the author had an English name). I think it is intended for children or teenagers.

  • The main character is a human kid transported with other children and some adults to an alien space station in order to be trained as a hero for a fight against a vaguely detailed threat in space.
  • The book has a very non-serious, silly and even childish tone. I can't remember exactly, but the threat they were fighting against sounded very absurd.
  • The book focuses on interaction between the main character and other kids. In the end the main character is sent to fight the threat that is left vague. I think that they selected only some kids to go fighting.
  • I can remember one detail that maybe helps. The aliens have a saying that contains the word 'rikkaus' (wealth). The main character and some adult human discover that the saying is likely corrupted and it should be 'rakkaus' (love). The aliens appear to not have the concept of love. As the book is probably translated, the original word play is likely different but similar.
  • The space station had a place that in my mind was a kind of bridge over black void. I'm not sure it was described as such, but that is how I imagined it. The characters could go to the place and get a mystical experience. I think the main character heard about the saying in that place, but I'm not sure.
  • Welcome to StackExchange, fergusq! Did it seem to be a translation, or was it by a Finnish author? See this great guide for some help making this question even better! Apr 24, 2019 at 13:56


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