What if you were a Capitol citizen who was of the age of the District children who could fight in the games, could you as a Capitol citizen be able to participate in the games if you wanted to? Like you were someone who enjoys killing so much that you wanted to actually join in the "fun" and take peoples lives, but were from the Capitol would then you be able to join or not?

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    dark, very dark... i guess if that person spoke to the "master of the games" he or she could then be allowed in somehow. it would be too... delicious for those sick fu*ks to let it pass. – Cherubel Apr 23 at 10:19
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    I don't understand how "could they if they wanted to" is a duplicate of "must they." The other question does not answer the question if a Capitol citizen could voluntarily join. – DavidW Apr 24 at 1:55

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