I remember in the Batman animated series there was a character, Harvey Bullock, that was always against Batman and was the big blubbering stereotypical cop.

Is he portrayed in the newest Batman movies? I thought it might have been the corrupt cop played by Mark Boone Junior, but his character's name was Flass.

Was there any other reference to Harvey Bullock?

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    It might be worth noting that Flass was a corrupt detective in Batman: Year One, which was a huge inspiration for the Chris Nolan Films: dc.wikia.com/wiki/Arnold_Flass_(New_Earth)
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While Harvey Bullock did make the rounds of various DC properties including:

  • The DC Animated Universe - Harvey Bullock is portrayed by Robert Costanzo
  • DC Universe Online - Harvey Bullock is portrayed by Edwin Neal
  • Batman: Knightfall for BBC Radio 1 Bullock was voiced by Eric Meyers.

Harvey Bullock did not make the cut in the Dark Knight Rises. There were rumors that Tom Hardy would be cast as Harvey Bullock in The Dark Knight Rises but the rumors were unsubstantiated. He instead ends up cast as Bane.

Rumors sites included:

Tom Hardy as Bane

Tom Hardy as Bane

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No. Harvey Bullock was not realized in live action until September 22, 2014, where he appeared in Gotham and was portrayed as James 'Jim' Gordon's (played by actor Ben McKenzie) partner he was played by Donal Logue.

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