An episode of Teen Titans Go! which involves stories about old timey fables has Starfire as some girl going to give a basket of food or something to her gran.

She eats a wolf or something and in the episode she says that she is a diminutive female, how does she know (or think) that she is small when her friends are all smaller then her except Cyborg?

  • What about other people she may have seen? I haven't seen Teen Titans in years, but don't they live in a populated world? – Misha R Apr 25 '19 at 2:12

She's not describing herself as small, she's describing the protagonist of the classic story (AKA "Little Red Riding Hood") as being small.

Starfire: Oh, oh, oh! Oh, the story of the diminutive female who wore the red cloak of the riding. I am quite familiar with this tale of the folk.

which boils down to

"Ah, the story of Little Red Riding Hood. I know this folk tale"

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