The main plan of Avengers: Endgame for solving what Thanos did in Avengers: Infinity War involves the

Time Heist.

As part of the plan Tony misplaces

the Tesseract

and so he and Cap have to go looking for it elsewhere. They decide to go back to

a SHIELD base in 1970 where both the Tesseract is stored and Hank Pym is based working on the Pym Particle. Whilst there Tony also bumps into his father, Howard Stark, working on the base.

Tony and Cap have a conversation in hushed tones about choosing it and it seems to be that they both know about it. Is there anything special about this place and time and how did they both know about it?


Tony remembers (just about) that his dad, Howard Stark, told him that he worked there with Hank Pym in this period. This means they can get the Tesseract, and the extra Pym Particles they need to get the Tesseract back to the present (as originally they only had enough for one round trip each).

The base is actually Camp Lehigh, the army base where Steve Rogers trained before becoming Captain America, so it’s kind of special for him. (A sign is visible outside the base declaring it the birthplace of Captain America.) The SHIELD facility within is the bunker that Cap visited in The Winter Soldier, which then housed the digitised Arnim Zola.

But only Tony was aware of the likelihood that both the Tesseract and Pym particles were there at that time.

  • Unfortunately, I thought we'd only get a rough idea of how he might have known. – TheLethalCarrot Apr 25 at 11:28
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    I think it fits with what we know of Tony and his relationship with his dad — his dad apparently mentioned knowing Captain America a lot, as per Civil War, and probably tried to tell Tony a lot of useful stuff about his work that Tony largely ignored but sometimes vaguely remembered. – Paul D. Waite Apr 25 at 11:31

I think it might hint at "The Secret Origin of Tony Stark" storyline. Howard said Maria was expecting and from his depiction, it seemed that Maria was going to give birth soon. However, Tony wouldn't be born until almost 2 months later on May 29. If you rewatch the scene, you can see how confused Tony looks and he even asks for clarification, asking "how far along is she?"

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    Hi there. For those of us who haven't read that particular act, could you please edit in a bit more about the story, like for instance how it would point towards both Cap and Stark knowing that time and place and the events that happened there? – Jenayah May 2 at 17:00

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