I’m looking for a short story which involved an astronaut who was on the moon and fired a gun which caused the bullet to orbit and hit him on its return. I read this in the earlyish 50s.

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    Possibly "Men of Good Will" by Poul Andersen. Two moon bases dealing the effects of high power rifle shots on the Earth's moon. – JRE Apr 27 at 11:46
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    That story is by Ben Bova, not Poul Anderson. It is the one I thought of first as well. – Organic Marble Apr 27 at 13:11
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    Is it the same story as asked about in Story of a robot suspected of murder on a small planet (possibly Asimov)? – John Rennie Apr 27 at 14:11
  • Oops. Read the wrong line while checking the author. Ben Bova it is. – JRE Apr 27 at 14:45
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    @JRE To be fair, Poul Anderson did write something similar. "Holmgang" (originally titled "Out of the Iron Womb"). At the climax, two men agree to have a duel with heavy wrenches as hand weapons on the surface of a small asteroid. The bad guy cheats by bringing a gun to the party. The good guy then uses an air tank from his spacesuit to act as a rocket so he can fly in low orbit clear around the asteroid and blindside the bad guy by hitting him from behind. – Lorendiac Apr 27 at 16:05

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