In the movies and cartoons (and presumably the comics), one of the major advantages Iron Man has is flight. Most superheroes have it, actually. Even the Mark 1 prototype (in the movie) has a limited ability of flight that Tony uses to escape.

Tony is able to get away with anything by being able to get away from anything. Air superiority allows him to hold off the government from forcing to reveal his tech, and it's also a major contributing ability when he fights villains.

How effective would an Iron Man suit without flight be? Are there any episodes, movies, or comics where Iron Man doesn't have flight capabilities? Any where he loses them temporarily or permanently?

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    Even without his jets, he can still fly using his repulsors. Also he has roller-skates. No. Really. i.sstatic.net/w1uzo.jpg
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In the 616 (comics) universe, his first two armours (the MK I & MK II) had air-pressure boot jets.

The MK II was considered to have limited flight, but the MK I was considered to power extended jumps as opposed to flight.

All subsequent 'main' armours, had flight capabilities. There are many specialist armour to consider though and it's not always clear if these armours have flight capabilities or not.

At least one of the hydro armours had a built-in inner escape suit. This escape suit had limited capabilities, so probably not flight capable.

It's hard to say how effective the MK I was. On one hand Iron-Man won several battles, but on the other, there weren't many other people using flight capable exo-suits at the time. Flight was also one of the first upgrades the Iron-Man armour got.


In the Avengers Assemble episode "Savages" (Season 1, episode 17) Tony Stark has "Stone armour" which he used to fight dinosaurs. This armour didn't have rocket thrusting boots and was literally a martial arts suit.

Stone Armor

It came from Captain America challenging Tony to go without his tech for a full day.

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