It's well established in comics and animation that Batman has contingency plans for immobilizing or neutralizing his various allies, should it become necessary.

Has there ever been any mention of whether he has such a plan in place for Alfred?

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    Well the thing is that Alfred can probably be taken out by a plain old beating, no need for Kryptonite or heavy artillery... But in the meantime, Alfred, with all he knows, coudl wreck Batman's life indeed. I'venever had the impression Bruce thought Alfred could become a foe (although he thinks of everything, right). TLDR, very interesting question, +1. – Jenayah Apr 30 at 20:17
  • Agreed @Jenayah. 1) Alfred is an old man in most of the comics, likely in his 60s maybe early 70s. Thus easily subdued by someone with Bruce's physique. 2) Alfred is practically a second father to Bruce, so it's highly doubtful he would do anything to hurt Bruce and vice versa. He made a promise to Thomas and Martha Wayne to care for their son. Compromising and hurting Bruce would mean shredding and breaking that promise, and destroying his own integrity. Alfred is not that kind of person. – MissouriSpartan Apr 30 at 20:26
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    @MissouriSpartan Alfred isn't that kind of person indeed, but Batman isn't planning for the "kinds of person" people are, but the ones they could become. There are telepaths, torturers, necromancers, whole lot of stuff out there in DCland which could make one turn, willingly or not. That's what Batman is being cautious about. – Jenayah Apr 30 at 20:28
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    Truth, and there are the short, off-shoot series where Alfred DOES become compromised and turns into something evil (I forget the name of the mini-series of comics issues).........but in regards to the Canon series, we also need to remember Alfred's own background from before his time with the Waynes. It's highly likely he'd be able to withstand great amounts of torture/attempts to turn him against Bruce. Granted, he doesn't have the special martial training Bruce received with the League of Shadows, but he did have YEARS of training and experience to resist attempts to turn him. – MissouriSpartan Apr 30 at 20:33
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    @Rebel-Scum - Or just fire him. Then he'd be a homeless elderly man – Valorum Apr 30 at 21:09

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