In the Original Series episode "And the Children Shall Lead", before Gorgan appears a second time (at about time index 43:45 on Netflix), there is no mention of his name.

How did Kirk know the name of the entity? Did Kirk recognize the entity the first time he appears?

According to non-canon Star Trek material, Q and 0 brought Gorgan and other malevolent entities into the present dimension approximately one million years ago. This can be verified here. Perhaps the Federation database had records of his appearances before or was it possibly a previous encounter?

  • Kirk must have come across the information in some way off-screen. Commented May 2, 2019 at 4:08

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This appears to be an error in filming. In an earlier draft script, Kirk was apparently told the creature's name in a deleted scene.

KIRK: (continuing) Come—join us. You—must have a name.

TOMMY: (defiantly) He is Gorgan. He is our friend—and he is all powerful.

And in the episode's official novelisation (itself based on the final shooting script), we see that the beast has a tendency to introduce itself whenever referring to itself in the first person, and does so in Kirk's presence.

“Remember how it was on Triacus? If they resist, so shall it be on the Enterprise. If you need me, call me, and I, Gorgan, will appear. We make ready for our new beginning on Marcos Twelve. We must not falter…

Star Trek 12

Obviously in the final cut this name-check was missed out and not fixed in post-production.


It is never directly shown how Kirk knew the creature's name. An early draft of the script did include a deleted scene in which Kirk asked what the creature was called and was informed by Tommy that it was Gorgan, but in a bit of sloppy editing the scene in question occurred after Kirk already referred to it by name.

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