When a human turns into a White Walker or wight, their eyes turn bright blue. Is their vision altered as well? Do they see things better / worse / differently from unturned living humans?

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    There is literally no mention (both in the books, or in the show) about the visual capabilities of the Wights/Others/White Walkers. – Möoz May 2 '19 at 2:58
  • They also don't seem to be affected negatively either. The only thing is that potentially, they can see better at night, but that's a guess. – Möoz May 2 '19 at 2:58
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    @Termatinator I remember that post very well. While it is a well thought-out opinion, it is nonetheless an opinion. The Night King may be arrogant, but he is also almost certainly far, far superior to Arya in a fight, considering that she had only been doing this for a few years. The Night King's arrogance is likely warranted. I could see him letting her get close, but I have trouble buying him letting her actually hit him, unless he didn't notice her switch the dagger. In which case eyesight matters. – Misha R May 23 '19 at 13:36
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    @MishaR he must've noticed that as you can see him move his eyes while the dagger is falling – Termatinator May 23 '19 at 13:38
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    @Termatinator Maybe, but if his eyesight were good enough for him to know exactly what happened, then that makes the other answer less plausible too. I think that, for the most part, I just have trouble with the idea that the resolution of the whole conflict depended on Arya's awesome battle trick. Not to mention that the end of the main conflict of the series should depend on a well-established fault of the Night King, and arrogance simply hasn't been that important an aspect of his character. He did a couple of vaguely arrogant things, but mainly he was just evil. – Misha R May 23 '19 at 14:01

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