In Infinity War, you see a corpse that looks like Tobias Fünke when he blue himself, enter image description here

and in Civil War, the Bluth staircar was in the background of the airport. enter image description here

Both of those movies were directed by the Russo brothers, and they did Endgame as well, so is there a reference there as well?

  • Found this for you... news.avclub.com/… – Odin1806 May 2 at 19:57
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    There are at least two actors who appear in both Endgame and Arrested Development: the security guard at the storage facility where Ant Man, uh, shows up; and the lady in the elevator at Camp Lehigh. But neither of them seems to be playing the same character in both, so I'm not sure they qualify as references. – Martha May 2 at 21:19
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    @Martha they were both in Arrested Development as well as Community? – OrangeDog May 4 at 15:36

The fight between the two Captain Americas reminded me of the scene in arrested development where George Sr. and Oscar (twins) were fighting each other, blocking each others moves because they are identical and fought the same.

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    Is there any confirmation from any sources that this was inspired by that scene? As opposed to just being similar? – Edlothiad May 13 at 18:21

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