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The Game of Thrones show has deviated from the A Song of Ice and Fire books and has gone beyond where the books left off while the author is still writing them.

Has there been any indication that Game of Thrones will have the same ending that George R.R. Martin planned for his books? Or could the books have a completely different ending that the show (like the Night King winning)?

I believe that Martin (like many writers) had the idea for the overall story and the (possibly/hopefully crazy twist) awesome ending since he originally conceived it. So even though he's behind the show in writing, he still had an ending planned that everything has been building up to. Is the TV show going to use the same ending that Martin had planned all along or have they created their own ending to the story?

Obviously we won't know for sure until the books are finished (i.e. never someday) but I was hoping that either HBO or Martin has commented about this.

Maybe Martin will just have Dean Allen Foster "finish" the last ones for him based on the scripts.

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    Relevant: How much creative independence are the Show runners accorded in Game of Thrones?. We simply don't know. GRRM is known to dump hundreds of pages in the trashbin just because he doesn't like the path they take his characters on (e.g. Tyrion's arc in ADWD and TWOW). We also know GRRM changed his original intended ending with Arya and Jon hooking up at the Wall. Since GRRM isn't quite involved in the show, D&D have full independence and GRRM changes stuff as he likes, its fairly likely that Books will have a much better ending than show – Aegon May 2 at 16:51
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    Voted to leave open. We might not know, but "has there been a word on that from the authors/showrunners/officials" isn't opinion-based. – Jenayah May 2 at 16:58
  • As far as I know the ending of A Song of Ice and Fire is unwritten at the moment, and although GRRM may have told the show runners of Game of Thrones how he plans to end the novel series, they are not obligated to copy GRRM's ending and GRRM can still change his mind about his ending. And GRRM might possibly decide to change his ending to make it less like the show's ending, so people don't think he was stuck and simply copied the show. Thus there seems only a small probability that the two endings will be very similar and if they are it might be merely by coincidence. – M. A. Golding May 2 at 17:02
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A recent video by Preston Jacobs goes into this exact question. (About 2:50 minutes in)

George goes back and forth on if the endings are the same or not and is never giving a consistent answer. Basically it comes down to you're asking if a normal man, with plenty of mistakes, knows for sure if an unfinished book series is going to end the same as an unfinished TV show written by someone else. I doubt that George himself knows exactly how the books will end, and I very much doubt that he has any input or information on how the show is ending.

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