Now that the

Night King has been defeated

will the normal seasons return to the North i.e. summer, spring and autumn? I haven't read the books and don't think it's mentioned in the TV show. Not looking for opinions only canon facts please.

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    If I understand the books correctly, winter brings the White Walkers, not the other way around. But at this point I think it still remains to be seen if the White Walkers cause the log winter or not in the TV show. – Todd Wilcox May 2 at 19:06
  • So if winter brings the White Walkers then in 8-9 months the Night's King will be back??? – Seamusthedog May 2 at 19:07
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    This is undoubtedly going to be answered in the remaining episodes so voted to close per the future works policy. – TheLethalCarrot May 2 at 19:10
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    I thought the North experienced seasons just like the rest of the realm, only difference is average colder temperatures than the South (I'm sure the North is referenced as having "summer snows")? – Ongo May 2 at 19:15
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    @Skooba if summer returns because of the death of the Night King winter will end in the next episodes. If winter doesn’t end then we can assume that the answer to this question is no. – TheLethalCarrot May 2 at 19:35

Immediately, probably not; Eventually, absolutely.

It just depends on whether or not it was the Night King's magic that was the cause of the irregular seasons to begin with.

There were possibly regular seasons in ancient history, even further back than the Age of Heroes.

Writing and records were rare even back then and most of what we know from that time is legends passed on by story. The Maesters have looked into the matter but have not been able to conclude anything as there is just not enough information from that long ago...

Though the Citadel has long sought to learn the manner by which it may predict the length and change of seasons, all efforts have been confounded. Septon Barth appeared to argue, in a fragmentary treatise, that the inconstancy of the seasons was a matter of magical art rather than trustworthy knowledge. Maester Nicol's The Measure of the Days—otherwise a laudable work containing much of use—seems influenced by this argument. Based upon his work on the movement of stars in the firmament, Nicol argues unconvincingly that the seasons might once have been of a regular length, determined solely by the way in which the globe faces the sun in its heavenly course. The notion behind it seems true enough—that the lengthening and shortening of days, if more regular, would have led to more regular seasons—but he could find no evidence that such was ever the case, beyond the most ancient of tales.

The World of Ice and Fire - Ancient History: The Long Night

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