There's a story (or Twilight Zone episode) where there's a technology that can make everyone beautiful. The story is about a musician who chooses not to and becomes an outcast.

It wasn't Scott Westerfeld's Uglies series.

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I agree it wasn't a question that could help me zero in on an answer without a lot of guessing what the asker meant.

But Number 12 Looks Just Like You

is a Twilight Zone story in which everyone, once reaching late teenage, is required to be made over into a beautiful body. There are only a few models to choose from.

This is not optional, and not changes you choose, like a nose job.

While most people are brainwashed enough to want it as a rite of adult passage, one girl, the protagonist, fights it.

She loses.

Although she chooses not to, she is not a musician that I remember, and, unfortunately, not an outcast. Because she was forced by a combination of trickery and hypnosis to undergo the procedure. The brainwashing that the procedure brings on has her original rebellious personality completely washed out; now she is happy that she looks just like her "friend" who helped others to force her into it.

If that isn't a match, then refine your question.

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