This was a sci-fi book. In it, there was a man that was in space, very far from his family (I think that his family are on Earth but I'm not sure). The man can telepathically communicate with his daughter. She and her twin haven't been born yet; they're fetuses, but she can communicate telepathically with her father.

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    Reminds me a bit of "Psyclops" by Brian Aldiss, which was the answer to this question but: it was a short story not a novel; the unborn telepath is a boy child; the mother & unborn child are on a spaceship headed for Earth; the father is dying on an alien planet. The story is narrated by the unborn child. You can read the whole story here – user14111 May 5 at 3:11
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    In Aldiss's story, the boy does have a twin sister, but only the boy is a telepath. – user14111 May 5 at 3:14
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    That's it. Thank you so much! – Jose Rocha May 5 at 4:13
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