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I remember a very old short story/novella about a man on Mars who finds a creature who lays pyramid shaped eggs, the eggs hatch and a new creature lays an egg and so on. Think the man is a stranded astronaut but can really remember what the purpose of being on Mars or anything else the creature does. Had 50's sort of feel to it but not sure.

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    30s, not 50s. The man is a member of an exploring party on Mars, not stranded. You can read the story at Project Gutenberg. – user14111 May 5 at 21:19
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    Not really eggs either, but the creature's waste product. – Organic Marble May 6 at 0:11
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This is Stanley G Weinbaum's "A Martian Odyssey".

There was a line of little pyramids - tiny ones, not more than six inches high, stretching across Xanthus as far as I could see.

Also the answer to this old question: Story about a man and an alien exploring an alien world

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