In Aliens there is a dialogue between the marines while at 'chow time' when Frost gets called out for sleeping with a male Acturian and defends it by saying "it doesn't matter when it's Arcturian, baby". But why doesn't it matter?

  • Here's the script. And it's Arcturian. – ThePopMachine May 7 at 15:39
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    @Seamusthedog - It has been a while since I have watched any of the Aliens films, but I think before we can even have a shot at answering your question we would need to know what an "Arcturian" is in the Aliens franchise. I have a feeling that it was only mentioned the one time in the entire franchise. While I don't think the question should be downvoted, because it is legit, the only explanations we may have would have to be in the related comics or novels... With what you have said I think they were making fun of him for sleeping with someone (man or woman) that was really ugly... – Odin1806 May 7 at 15:49
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    @Seamusthedog - The actor improvised the line. Apparently he was making a joke about how "pretty" Arcturian aliens (note, not human) are and how it doesn't really matter if you get a man or a woman. Unfortunately, the podcast I want to quote from is stuck behind a paywall. – Valorum May 7 at 16:04
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    @Seamusthedog - Latterly, the Arcturians were retconned as a non-sentient race of alien monkeys. Their external sexual characteristics are quite similar. – Valorum May 7 at 16:05
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    Let lesser men post unsourced answers. I have a reputation to consider – Valorum May 7 at 20:11

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