Cartoon Network/Adult Swim/Toonami/Boomerang, in English language.

At the beginning of the show there were these robot monsters that were attacking a village or a town. The whole planet was destroyed only live robots but they all feared their lives be ended by rust and corrosion.

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This sounds like Casshern Sins (2008). The elements that fit are

  1. Aired on Adult Swim/Cartoon Network
  2. The world is mostly a wasteland. Humanity is nearly extinct
  3. Robots are afraid of dying via rust

    Robots fare little better, fearing death as much as humans do: the poisonous environment quickly causes their mechanical bodies to rust and corrode, forcing them to regularly replace their damaged parts, if spare parts in good condition can even be found.

  4. Casshern looks a bit like Guyver

    picture of biometric armor

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