In the TV series Batman, which actress had the most screentime as Catwoman, Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt, or Lee Meriweather?

  • Since this question was originally asked and answered in 2012, Camren Bicondova has now appeared as Selina Kyle in at least 50 episodes of the TV show Gotham. Not quite the same question, but an interesting related point. – Mark Beadles Nov 9 '18 at 23:15

Three actresses are seen playing the role of Catwoman during the run of the Batman television series during the 1966 to 1968 which produced 120 episodes. Catwoman appears in 15 of them.

Julie Newmar rules the roost as the Batman television series most seen Catwoman. She appears in 12 episodes during the first and second seasons.

  • Appearing in the premiere Catwoman episodes: Episodes #19 - "The Purr-fect Crime" and episode #20 - "Better Luck Next Time."

Eartha Kitt, plays Catwoman in the third season for three episodes.

Lee Meriweather appears as Catwoman in Batman the Movie 1966.

Batman the Movie, 1966 starring Adam West

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