Novel about a magnetic reversal. U.S. flash freezes and Antarctica rapidly thaws and reveals ancient Cyclops and other giants. Main character is a young lady. She meets up with other people and eventually escapes to military ship in the ocean.

  • When did you read it? – Möoz May 15 at 5:15
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  • Can you add more details? Such as when you read this and where? Do you remember the cover at all? – moonCat93 May 15 at 9:26
  • It was a used book when I read it several years ago. I do not remember the cover. The creatures were ones found in the bible. The people they captured were taken into the caves in the mountain. – Brooke May 16 at 4:39

Antarktos Rising by Jeremy Robinson (2011) This book has almost all the things you have listed: Frozen USA though from crustal displacement instead of magnetic reversal, thawing Antarctica with return of Biblical giants, main character is a young lady (Mirabelle Whitney), the other people teams from various nations on a race to claim the continent, and lastly escape from the continent via ship. It was pretty good as I recall, much better than I expected, and supposedly to be made into a movie per the cover.

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