The 1985 movie Lifeforce featured space vampires traveling in the tail of Halley's Comet. Is Lifeforce the first work of science fiction to link invaders from space with Halley's Comet?

  • There was apparently a Halley's Comet video game that involved aliens accompanying the comet. It came out in 1986, so "only" isn't true but "first" might be. Link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halley%27s_Comet_(video_game) – Micah Jul 31 '12 at 0:13
  • Also closely concurrent was the book by Benford and Brin: Heart of the Comet, published in 1986. – yatima2975 Jul 31 '12 at 11:00
  • The movie Lifeforce was based on a novel by Colin Wilson called The space Vampires (1976) but I cant tell you if Halleys comet is used in the book like it is in the movie – Dai Jan 15 '13 at 14:30

The 1942 book The Comet Kings featuring "The Futuremen"

Trapped in the depths of Halley's Comet, the Futuremen battle fourth-dimensional monsters in a titanic struggle to save the system's solar energy

enter image description here

Here's a relevant excerpt:

"Look, Simon! The first slops that vanished did so near the orbit of Uranus. The next ones disappeared further Sunward. The location of disappearances has steadily moved in a Sunward direction."
"That's true," the Brain admitted. "Does it mean anything?"
"I don't know," Curt muttered. "But Halley's Comet has also been steadily moving in a Sunward direction, during these vanishings." His eyes flashed.
"Simon, I know it sounds insane, but I think that Halley's Comet has something to do with this mystery!"


"They were all drawn into the comet by a magnetic beam, the same as we," he declared. "Simon, that beam was deliberately projected to seize us!"
"Aye, lad," came the answer of the helpless Brain. "There's intelligence and menace inside Halley's comet."

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