It had something to do with humans that had evolved into bird/lizard-like people that were taller and lived in the trees. Also standard humans that were considered short and strong by the bird people, I think they called the standard humans dwarves.

I read it during the 90s when I was in middle school so I don't know if it's a kids book or an adult book. The book was in English, if that helps.

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    It sounds a little like "The Integral Trees" (and sequels) by Larry Niven. The environment was very low-gravity, and most of the people we meet are very tall and skinny (but not lizard- or bird-like). There's a character who's referred to as a dwarf who is able to fit into a spacesuit that was obviously designed for a "standard human".
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Larry Niven, The Integral Trees (1984) and The Smoke Ring (1987)

Humans have colonized a free-fall ("zero gravity") biosphere orbiting a neutron star. Some of the humans live in pseudogravity at the ends of enormous trees larger than skyscrapers, while others inhabit free-floating structures. In the absence of strong planetbound gravity, these colonists grow taller than their terrestrial ancestors. While their hands are still fully-functional, they can also use their elongated toes for holding onto tools and anchor points; in a way, they can "fly" and "perch" like birds. Only dwarves (the very shortest of the colonists) can use the advanced equipment built into the old spacesuits .

You can borrow The Integral Trees and The Smoke Ring as e-books from The Internet Archive.

Cover: The Integral Trees Cover: The Smoke Ring

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