YA trilogy. Read it around 2004-05. Random find at the library, don't know the publishing yr.

The first book has 2 clones (male, dunno age but between 10-16) living in a very controlled environment but separate from each other. They eventually find out about each other and escape. Vaguely remember that the first book had a title like race against time.

Second book title had something to do with the number 2; the title had something like the word double in it.

At some point in the series a third clone is found. There is also some sort of vitual reality and some characters in the vr who keep helping the clones. Vaguely remember this part in book 2 were one of the clones is going through a "tunnel of love" type place (not sure vr or reality) and at the end of it he meets a girl who helped him in the first book. Possible he has a crush on her too.

Also remember a line from the second book where someone says that the clones standout too much because their faces are identical

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    Hi, welcome to SF&F! When did you read this? Do you remember what any of the covers looked like? Check out other ideas for things you could edit in to improve your question. – DavidW May 22 at 4:38
  • You might check out this list though none of them seem likely. It's not the Piers Anthony book, though it embarrasses me to admit I know that. – DavidW May 22 at 4:49

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