After the Snappening "Decimation" took place, people were turned to dust.

character gets turned into dust

Did the Handy Vac and funeral urn industries experience their greatest year ever, or did the dust literally evaporate into thin air?

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    I think there is a little bit of both honestly, but more of the dust fully disappearing than the alternative. In this video starting about 1:30 Bucky appears to leave a residue on the ground, but pretty much everybody else seems to disappear without a trace... I lean more to no evidence left behind and blame Bucky as a trick from the camera angle... – Odin1806 May 23 '19 at 20:51
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    Decimation? Come come. That's understating things by forty percentage points. – Paul D. Waite May 23 '19 at 21:15
  • @PaulD.Waite - "(generally) The killing or destruction of any large portion of a population." Might I suggest that you don't look up the words "irony" or "literally", since those don't mean what you think they mean either. – Valorum May 23 '19 at 21:20
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    Compromise where you can. Where you can't, don't. Even if everyone is telling you that something wrong is something right. Even if the whole world is telling you to move, it is your duty to plant yourself like a tree, look them in the eye, and say 'No, that's not what decimation means, you illiterate gadabouts'. – Paul D. Waite May 23 '19 at 21:27
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    @PaulD.Waite up to Valorum to confirm, but I thought this referred to Decimation being the snap's official name. Of course, that doesn't mean the writers didn't goof themselves :-) – Jenayah May 23 '19 at 21:38

People get turned to very fine level dust.

Eventually it just flows away with the wind, just like the normal dust that we encounter every day.

The video demonstrates this exactly, especially in cases like Fury, Hill.

In Fury's case, the inter-galactic pager is lying on the street, with not even the slightest hint of the "dust" anywhere on or near it.

Even in Endgame,

Tony's snap dusts the Leviathans, and we do not see mounds of dust lying around there. Fairly certain that a Leviathan sized heap of dust would not go by unnoticed.

  • But is there any residue, is the question... – Valorum May 24 '19 at 6:24
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    @Valorum "In Fury's case, the inter-galactic pager is lying on the street, with not even the slightest hint of the "dust" anywhere on or near it.", is the answer. And also in the answer :D – Stark07 May 24 '19 at 8:02
  • Sure, but did the dust just blow away or did it disappear entirely. – Valorum May 24 '19 at 8:11
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    Also, did we see anyone dusted while inside? Relying on the wind is fine for people outside, but I wonder what happened to anyone in a building, would the dust just fall to the ground, or was the drifting away and seemingly dispersing part of the effect of the snap itself. – delinear May 24 '19 at 8:32
  • @Valorum The Fury scene would indicate that it disappeared entirely. It can't be windy everywhere around the world, but the dusted vanish without any trace. The dust is temporary. – Stark07 May 24 '19 at 11:01

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