Major Plot Points

  • A girl (the main character) has spent the last 3 years in space, I think because she had training of some sort.
  • When she comes back to her planet (starts with "V," I think), she finds some of the species on her planet (who were previously peaceful) fighting each other.
  • Another creature is leading a rebellion against the humans that have property, including the main character (name starts with an "S"?).


  • Setting: Future, for sure
  • Read: Probably around 2008, but that is probably a lot later than it was published
  • Estimated Publication: 1960?


  • No idea, whatsoever!
  • Not one of the giants, though... (i.e. Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, George Orwell, etc.)

Other Details

  • Language: English
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    This question would be improved by going through the checklists here; How to ask a good story-ID question? – Valorum May 25 at 15:07
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    @Valorum The only question of those that I can answer with certainty is its language, which I have edited into my question. For the others, I have no clue... – Voldemort's Wrath May 25 at 15:49
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    Define 'girl' please...is it a pre-teen like the kids in Ender's Game? Or an early twenties? (I'm trying to suss out if it was a YA type book) – DannyMcG May 25 at 16:54
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    @DannyMcG Probably a girl in her teens. 15? Around there... – Voldemort's Wrath May 25 at 17:34
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    @OrganicMarble Ah! Previously (refer to 3rd and 4th comments in chain), I couldn't remember. Now, it seems to be coming back to me! I'll edit it in... – Voldemort's Wrath May 25 at 20:31

The Gray Prince (1974) by Jack Vance

It is actually a complete coincidence that I found this. I was searching through my local library's catalog for science fiction books in hopes of getting one during my next visit. There it was! The title seemed familiar and I thought the title was interesting so I went ahead and clicked on it!

The main character's name is Schaine Madduc and her home planet is Koryphon (which doesn't start with a "V"!). She actually spent 5 years in space and, when she comes back, it's all rebellion, rebellion, rebellion! Here are the Wikipedia and Goodreads pages for anyone who is interested!

  • Thanks for the answer! I know that book, but I never would have gotten this answer right. – Organic Marble Jul 11 at 12:20
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    @OrganicMarble Thank Fate. This was a complete coincidence! :) – Voldemort's Wrath Jul 15 at 12:49

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