In the Star Trek TNG episode: Night Terrors, we see Guinan using a rifle in order to break up a brawl at Ten Forward:

enter image description here

In a hilarious piece of dialog she immediately admits that this rifle is not Starfleet issued:

GILLESPIE: What is that?

GUINAN: It's a little souvenir I picked up on Magus Three. That was setting number one. Anyone want to see setting number two?

While Starfleet is not a military organization, it has similar structures (Captains, Admirals, enlisted personnel etc), so even though Guinan is a civilian, I doubt they would allow her to bring her own weapon on board.

So my question is: Why is Guinan allowed to have a non-Starfleet issued rifle?

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    Imagine that you’re Star Fleet security, and you’re vetting baggage that the crew are bringing on board. Are you going to tell Guinan that she can’t have her gun? – Mike Scott May 26 at 13:00
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    Are you going to try to take it off of her? – Valorum May 26 at 13:09
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    Non-canon speculation: maybe she just asked Picard for permission. – Paul Johnson May 26 at 13:25
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    Guinan: "I can't tell you when. I can't tell you how. But one day, the fate of several timelines will depend on me having that gun under there." Picard: "Oh... okay, I understand... you can't risk contaminating the timeline by telling me. Okay, you can have it." Guinan (to herself): I can't believe he bought that! – starpilotsix May 26 at 19:57
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    She's also the only one on board that has real alcohol, which has actual canon to be against Starfleet regulations. Stop asking questions before you mess that up for everyone. – Mazura May 26 at 20:35

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