I don't remember much about the book but I read the book when I was younger and I remember really enjoying it so I would like to find the book to have the chance to read it again. I'll try to add as much information about it as possible.

Things I'm sure of:

  • The story involved a girl named Opal​
  • The story revolved around some sort of gems or stones, I'm not entirely sure the role these gems or stones had but they were very important
  • I read the book when I was about 10, so the book came out no later than 2008
  • The cover of the book was black or another dark color
  • It's a fantasy/adventure book
  • hardcover

Other things I think are associated with the book but I could be wrong:

  • I believe the character Opal was young, no older than her early teens
  • Had no parents? I believe she lived with an old man - possibly her grandfather
  • I believe the cover of the book might have had a circle of some sort on the cover? I am really not sure of this
  • I believe it is part of a series

I know the book is 100% not any of the following:

  • The Prophecy of the Stones
  • Deltora quest

I believe this is one of the stories from the book Tales of Deltora. It’s not part of Deltora Quest, more a background of how they came to be, and I know this book has a young girl named Opal and has a lot about gems in her story.

Opal the Dreamer was born as the daughter of Liza and Dodd, two farmers who owned an apple orchard and later discovered opals on their land. Opal was born after this discovery and named for the stones, which surrounded her constantly throughout her early life. As time went by, Opal began having dreams of other places and events, some of them apparently foreboding the future. After she dreamed of a man's death and it occurred, her parents swore her to secrecy and Opal came to believe that her dreams had caused the tragedy.

Her dreams would continue, however, and Opal would be secluded from others as she grew into adulthood and eventually realised the truth behind her dreams. After having a dream of the man who would save the Land of Dragons by creating a magic belt, she tried to warn her parents but would not be heard, and so travelled to the nearby city of Hira to speak her warnings to others. Sadly, she was not heeded, and after a year of attempting to convince the people of the truth, she dreamed of "the man of fire and iron" again and left her home region to seek him out. Eventually she came to Del, where she found a blacksmith-though not the one of her visions-and eventually became his wife, but was sadly forgotten by her own people and those of Del.

Deltora Quest Wiki, Tales of Deltora (real)

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