What I remember was that it had (its really vague but its all I got):

  • Three or four main characters, one of them a girl, two of them guys, then there was like a dad or grandpa helping them.

    • They have magic stones they use to capture creatures, or they live inside the gemstone things.

    • The main character had some kind of blue and white bear/beast creature called "furrock" or something he had horns too.

    • The girl has some kind of rhino with nature powers, so it was covered in leaves.

  • The main characters' dad was probably the evil guy; I can't remember

    • It was from around 2009-2011, I think.

    • It was on Netflix when I saw it, but since then its been deleted for a while.

I know it is not Huntik. I'm just saying that cause that's what a lot of the searches thought it was but it's not. I know this isn't a lot but if someone knows anything it would be really helpful because I keep remembering and forgetting what its called.

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This is definitely Magi Nation, as you can see from this picture

enter image description here

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