In the MCU, the Eye of Agamotto houses the Time Stone, and Dr. Strange has demonstrated numerous powers, including:

  • ageing/deageing fruit
  • trapping Dormamu in a repeating time loop
  • seeing 14,000,605 possible futures

However, as I understand it, in the comics, the Eye of Agamotto is not related to the Time Stone and imbues powers primarily related to mystical "seeing":

The Eye is a weapon of wisdom that can radiate a powerful mystical light that allows Strange to see through all disguises and illusions, see past events, and track both ethereal and corporeal beings by their psychic or magical emissions.

What time-related powers has Dr. Strange demonstrated in the comics? Are they tied to objects in particular?

(This is somewhat of interest since it may set some precedent for what Dr. Strange can now do in the MCU given he no longer possesses the Eye.)


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His master had some candles that allowed for time travel. They would send a target creature to another time, and the target had until the flame went out to return or be lost forever in the other time.

Time candles

Source: Strange Tales #124

Supposedly Strange inherited a supply of those when he became Supreme Sorcerer.

In a later adventure he took a woman back in time just by "riding along the ripples on the waves of time":

Time riding

Source: Dr. Strange #17


Well, as was pointed out elsewhere, Strange has shown the ability to travel in time with just his mystic arts.

Also, I'd argue, his functional immortality (granted when he defeated Death in the classic Englehart/Brunner run) might be considered time-related.

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