In Harry Potter, victims of Love Potions will be obsessively infatuated with the giver of the Potion. It’s not real love, of course.

So would those who use Love Potions on themselves be vain, obnoxious and in love with themselves?

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    I mean, this would explain Gilderoy Lockhart... – F1Krazy Jun 2 at 18:15
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    Isn't this primarily opinion-based? – Voldemort's Wrath Jun 2 at 18:40
  • @INTERESTING No. – Alex Jun 2 at 18:42
  • @Alex Yes, I see why now... – Voldemort's Wrath Jun 2 at 18:43
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    They would drop whatever they were doing and start a YouTube channel. – Misha R Jun 2 at 22:36

Unclear, but a self-infatuation?

Based on the Wikia page for love potions:

It is unknown what would happen, if anything, if someone willingly used a Love potion on themselves.

Since Fandom is not a reliable source, we shouldn't think too much of this, but we know that others believe that the effects are unclear...

However, we can infer that, based on the effects of a love potion on others, someone may become obsessed with themselves for a period of time. This is mentioned in @F1Krazy's comment on this post which talks about Gilderoy Lockhart.

They may look like this:

ron love potion

...only in a mirror.

All in all, the effects of a love potion on oneself is unclear, but some possible inferences can be made from the texts.

  • So, DID Lockhart repeatedly use Love Potions on himself during his life? – Alex Downs Jun 2 at 19:42
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    @AlexDowns Well, that's not something we know, either! – Voldemort's Wrath Jun 2 at 19:43

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