I need help identifying a short science fiction story. I can't remember who the story is by or what it is called.

It is about man who is frozen in time, initially appearing as a blur, but over a long period of time he becomes increasingly substantial. Civilizations rise up around him. Not knowing what he is, they initially see him as a monster. As time goes on their understanding of him evolves.

His predicament is the result of an experiment gone wrong.

I believe it was published sometime between the 1950s and 1970s.

I read a half dozen science fiction anthologies or so recently, and I believe it was from one of those, but after looking through the table of contents in each, I can't find it. Off the top of my head, the anthologies include Harlan Ellison's Dangerous Visions (and Again Dangerous Visions), David Hartwell's Science Fiction Century, The Big Book of Science Fiction by Jeff VanderMeer, The Time Traveler's Almanac also by VanderMeer, Damon Knight's A Century of Science Fiction, and Harry Turtledove's The Best Time Travel Stories in the 20th Century).

  • Hi there. If you can, please have a look at these guidelines on story-id, see if they can trigger any more memories you could edit in. Perhaps most importantly - roughly when would this have been published?
    – Jenayah
    Jun 3, 2019 at 0:04

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I found it. The story is The Man Who Walked Home by James Tiptree Jr. I don't believe it was in any of the anthologies I cited, but rather from her story story collection, Her Smoke Rose Up Forever. One small correction: the man was seen as a monster initially, not a god (the question title has been edited to reflect this).

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