The book's title might have contained the words: "feelings" "emotionless" "whispers" "Whispered" or something like that.

There are a boy and a girl. The girl I believe could hear or read other people's minds and she meets a boy that can feel other people's emotions. The only significant scene from the book that I can remember is a classroom setting and the boy was in his desk and he gave the girl a flower and she got up in front of him and threw the flower away, I believe.

Then he was able to tell she was sad, and he could read her because that was his ability or at least I am guessing that it was that.

Then there's another vague scene of them on the guy's porch, I believe and it was pouring rain and they were together.

The book's jacket was dark blue and on the front, the title was written in white wispy cursive letters as if they were being blown by the wind.

  • i think i just found it guys – Carrie A. Jun 4 at 5:54
  • never mind. someone please HELP – Carrie A. Jun 4 at 5:56
  • Can you tell us on which year more or less was it out? We don't know how old are you so saying it was when you were 12 or 13 doesn't say much. – Mor Zamir Jun 4 at 6:04
  • What book did you think it was? – Valorum Jun 4 at 6:10

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