In 1990, on their book tour for the original release of Good Omens, Pratchett and Gaiman gave an interview where the interviewer did not realize that Good Omens was a work of fiction, and thought that they truly believed that the book was a faithful depiction of the apocalypse.

From a Neil Gaiman interview in 2015

“[Terry] said ‘Well, you remember we were on the Good Omens author tour in February 1990’ … He said ‘We were in New York and we went to that ABC affiliate radio station, and the interviewer had not actually read the book … so when we started telling him about Agnes Nutter … we started explaining about this 17th century witch who all of her predictions were true … He did not realise this was fictional. We realised he had not read the book, and the engineers in the control room behind the glass panel who we could see and he could not, were lying on their backs kicking their legs against the walls.’

And I said, ‘Of course I remember. I was willing to let that go on for the entire interview’.

I think that this interview sounds hilarious, but I can't seem to find hide nor hair of it. I don't know if that is because it was never saved, or because it's drowned out by all the other more recent search results, but I'd quite like to read/listen to it if I can.

Can anybody find it, or prove that it no longer exists?

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