• A ship is intelligent.
  • It plays tricks on its crew to keep them alert. Sometimes they think it goes too far.
  • The crew shut it down for a period of time as punishment.
  • Space pirates then chase and board the ship.
  • Comedy ensues.

Note: There is a story listed on ISFDB with the title "Durance Vile" by Michael Cobley. However, it is listed as "unpublished" and therefore has no date, which leaves me gnashing my teeth in useless despair.

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    It's a moderately common phrase, unfortunately; google.com/… – Valorum Jun 6 at 6:14
  • The Michael Cobley story was published in an anthology called Frontier Worlds in 2017, so probably not that one. – ssav Jun 6 at 9:09
  • Valorum - Yep. Used as a title in 1889 and 1903, too. ssav - That would explain the "unpublished" classification, if ISFDB just hasn't caught up yet. – Alveric Jun 6 at 17:40

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