Early 2000s is when I read it. The book was about a teenage boy who turns out to be part alien (I think). He was really good at gymnastics his eyes did this crazy dilating thing that would freak out his friend and he had a motorcycle by the end of the book. An invasion occurs and he finds out he’s part alien.

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  • Did the story take place entirely on earth, or was the character brought to Earth by the alien force as part of their 'diplomatic' group? The one I'm thinking of has a character who thought he was human, but ended up being an alien surgically altered to appear human. Feb 17, 2023 at 19:07

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That sounds like "Invasion America". David Carter, Earth teen, discovers he is the half alien son of an alien ruler that is on the run from a coup. His human mom hid his father after he crashed landed on Earth, and they fell in love. He was very good at gymnastics, and he also was given a a motorbike that was enhanced with alien technology so it could fly. He also received a silver glove that was a weapon only usable by royalty, which gave him kind of telekinetic abilities. It was actually a cartoon originally, but there was a novelization of it by Christie Golden in 1998.


I think you might be thinking of The Dark Side of Nowhere. Published by Neal Shusterman in 1997. The Protagonist is named Jason and he begins the story depressed over the recent death of his friend Ethan. Jason finds that Ethan is still alive but hiding because he is an alien who has lost his ability to maintain a human like form and goes on to find out that he, his family and many other people in his hometown are also aliens who were sent ahead of an invasion force.

The story uses the term "warrior fools" to refer to the aliens and "fragile people" to refer to the humans. The looming invasion that drives the plot is often referred to as the "ten thousand ships".

They also had gloves that functioned as energy weapons.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dark_Side_of_Nowhere 978-0-316-78907-3

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