In case none of you have seen Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Mira Nova is the female lead in it. She is the Princess of the planet Tangea and joins Buzz Lightyear’s partner team of Team Lightyear.

When the tv series was new, there were toys of XR, Booster (the other 2 Team Lightyear members), Warp Darkmatter (Buzz’s former partner) and Zurg, but none of Mira Nova.

Why was that?

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    Aside from the myriad of Happy Meal toys, you mean? pinterest.jp/pin/325385141801909158 – Valorum Jun 9 at 16:56
  • They also didn't do one of Commander Nebula. I guess several minor characters with limited fan-appeal just didn't make the cut. They only made two "waves" of five toys each, and both waves had multiple Buzz action figures in different outfits. – Valorum Jun 9 at 17:03
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    I've contacted all three of the show's producers via twitter (and the actor who voiced that character). Hopefully one of them will respond and give us the inside scoop although I suspect the answer will be "because we didn't think they'd sell very well" – Valorum Jun 9 at 17:16
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    @Valorum I had no idea of the Happy Meal toys until u showed me. I guess I just mean toys that sold in the Disney Store outlets. And as for contacting the makers of that TV show and the actress, I didn’t mean 2 put pressure on u, so honestly, plz don’t kill urself 4 me. – Alex Downs Jun 9 at 17:20
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    Ten seconds of research and thirty seconds of twitting is hardly going to ruin my lifestyle – Valorum Jun 9 at 17:39

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