I believe I read this somewhere between 1998 and 2002, possibly on the FanFic Mailing List (FFML), although I was also subscribed to a mailing list that was devoted to admirers of blue-furred characters (I think I remember them specifically calling out Beast, Grover, and maybe Cookie Monster). Anyhow, it was a series of stories based around the premise that the X-Men find a child left on their doorstep, a girl covered with blue hair, with a note indicating that it's Beast's daughter. He had not believed himself to have any children, and can't think of any women he's slept with that would fit the timeline, but the X-Men decide to essentially adopt the girl, and the rest of the stories are cute bits of slice-of-life, their domestic life.

The only story I remember distinctly was a horror spoof involving Rogue and the girl's Tickle-Me-Elmo doll. Long story short, Rogue is a bit creeped out by the doll, especially since it keeps showing up in her room. Things get worse when she picks it up one night only to have it tell her to tickle it, and then to tell her to tickle it lower, its voice dropping to a demonic bass. And then she realizes the batteries aren't inserted into it. Ultimately, she wakes up from the nightmare, only to find the doll lying beside her in bed, cue the screaming, followed by the little girl saying that she knew Aunt Rogue had been having bad dreams, so she left her her favorite doll...

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