What is the scifi family movie where aliens(?) have these gumballs that whomever chews it turns into an alien/monster/creature thing.

The government is trying to capture the aliens for study and a family is trying to help them escape.

I vividly remember a scene towards the end that the mom chews a gumball that turns her into a big kraken type of monster. It has to be from the 90s, maybe 80s.

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  • Do you mean "family movie" as in "movie about a family", or "movie suitable for viewing by younger family members"?
    – Martha
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  • So they're aliens that might turn into other aliens?
    – Möoz
    Commented Jun 14, 2019 at 0:08

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This is My Favorite Martian (1999).

At the lab, Tim tricks one of the scientists into growing Martin's ship to normal size, breaching security, and allowing Lizzie and Zoot to escape. However, the trio's escape is blocked by two security guards, one of whom shoots Zoot. With the help of a "nerplex", a piece of alien gum that can transform anyone into another life form, Lizzie transforms into a hideous monster from "Veenox 7". She defeats them, then spits out the nerplex and turns back into a human.

  • Yes this is the movie thank you so much you have made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    – Anthony c
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