Captain America served in World War II and Magneto's backstory revolves around his time in a concentration camp.

Have Steve Rogers and a young Erik Lehnsherr interacted during WWII?

Presumably this would have to be in the comics since the MCU and XCU have been distinct (for now).


Twice in comics, once in cartoon; but not in the "main" set of events.

Have Cap and Magneto met? Yes and no. (occurences are ordered by date of publication)

Yes, because in What if? #28 (1991), Captain America and fellow soldiers encounter a young "Magnus" in a concentration camp. No, because... it's a What if?, so the story isn't exactly canon, and in that timeline, "Magnus" never became Magneto, thanks to the life lesson Cap gave him about not dividing people based on their differences.

Captain America rescues a concentration camp

X-Men: Evolution season 2, episode 11 had a different take on that, with Cap (and Wolverine) rescuing Magneto, but presumably no time for the life lesson; hence, him becoming who he was in the TV show.

X-Men: Grand Design #1 (2017) has a Watcher recording some events about "a pantheon of mutants". We see an alternate Earth where, possibly influenced by the Evolution line-up, Wolverine and Captain America are on a cover mission, and witness a kid being beaten up. Kid turns out to be Magneto, and he uses his powers on Cap's shield to get rid of his bullies.

Young Magneto uses Cap's shield on German soldiers

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    The Bop sound effects make it seem like they're just being casually knocked out, but the top left Nazi looks like he's just getting sliced in half. – Azor Ahai -- he him Jun 14 '19 at 17:25
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    Darn shame on the first one, would have liked to see all the comics where Magneto is a hero... – Harper - Reinstate Monica Jun 15 '19 at 4:31

In the What if? Volume 2 #28 comic "What if Captain America had led an army of Super Soldiers in WWII? Steve meets and frees a young Magneto at Auschwitz.

enter image description here

Also in the cartoon X-Men: Evolution Captain America and Wolverine free Magneto from a concentration camp.

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