I mean, was the pizza and video games that bad for his overall powers? Or was Thanos really that much stronger? Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch both overpower Thanos during their little 1 on 1s. Why was Odinforce Thor no match for an Infinityless Thanos?

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    Don't forget that an older Thanos kicked Hulk's ass in a 1v1 fight without using an infinity stone, too. – zibadawa timmy Jun 15 at 8:17
  • doesn't Thanos have the Power stone when he defeats Hulk? – Chris Dafnis Jun 17 at 10:50

I don't think it's the pizza and video games so much as Thor has not been training or fighting in the intervening years, meanwhile he's going up against a Thanos younger than the first Thanos who defeated him in Infinity War. If you take a boxer and have him not train for years, then put him immediately back in the ring, you're probably not going to see his best effort in a match with someone roughly on par with him in his prime.

We saw in Ragnarok that even a powered up Thor still isn't powerful to defeat some beings like his sister Hela, so he's definitely not unbeatable.

Re: Scarlet Witch & Captain Marvel

Scarlet Witch fights better at a distance and Thanos is a close fighter, so obviously she had the advantage in that fight. He couldn't attack her and she could lock him down and attack at will.

As for Captain Marvel, we saw in Infinity War that the Infinity Gauntlet does not make you invulnerable to surprise attacks, and it could be simply that Captain Marvel blitzed Thanos and she was an unknown factor for him. Sort of like how Thor ambushed Thanos even with the gauntlet and nearly killed him.

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