In the Season 2 episode "Aurora", Sheppard's team discovers an Ancient warship by the same name. They learn from the Ancient crew whose consciousness is in some sort of virtual world that they are responsible for delivering information about a weakness of the Wraith.

CAPTAIN: Nothing is lost. Not yet. I have vital information concerning a weakness in Wraith technology and when I deliver the communiqué in my possession, the tide will most certainly turn in our favor.

SHEPPARD: That's right! The Atlantis mission log said you were on a recon mission. What-what-what kind of weakness are we talking about?

CAPTAIN: That information is reserved for the Council.

SHEPPARD: There is no Council any more!

Unfortunately, the information was destroyed by the end of the episode.

CALDWELL: Both cruisers were destroyed in the explosion.

DEX: It's too bad we weren't able to figure out the Wraith weakness.

SHEPPARD: At least we found out they had one.

Was this weakness in Wraith technology ever revisited in any media (TV, comics, novels, etc)?

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    @Valorum I guess the non-existence of the shields would be fairly obvious and not a secret weakness, even to pompous jerks like Ancients ;-) – Rebel-Scum Jun 18 at 21:15
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    @Rebel-Scum "Council, we've discovered a weakness in Wraith technology that will turn the tide of the war! Their ships don't have shields! If we just keep shooting them, they'll be destroyed!" – Thunderforge Jun 18 at 21:25
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    @Rebel-Scum - I was thinking more of the weaknesses presented by shieldless ships to drone strikes in certain areas of the hive ships. – Valorum Jun 18 at 21:47
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    @Valorum The Aurora had drone weapons, as well as other warships and Atlantis. I'm doubtful that firing their normal armament would be considered a top secret weakness. – Thunderforge Jun 18 at 22:00
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    Is there any proof that there was a weakness? Could the wraith not have manipulated the environment to give the ancients a reason to fix the hyper drive? – E_McAndrew Jun 19 at 16:19

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