In this story, a character discovers anti gravity emitters, flies a shipping container into space and docks with space station.

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Galactic Startup (2018), by Brian Whiting

In Galactic Startup, the opening novel in a series of the same name, a group of young adult friends promote their new spaceflight company and test their invention of an antigravity drive by flying a shipping container to the International Space Station.

Alex and his three friends drop out of college after discovering a revolutionary way to travel into space using a small amount of energy. Their world-changing technology is sought by the government, and they are forced to go into hiding while they perfect it. Their adventures into orbit and beyond become a global sensation. As they navigate fame, family and those who are determined to stop them, little do they know that their little startup could have galactic consequences once they discover a derelict spaceship.

— Goodreads: Galactic Startup

As of 2019, there are 3 novels in the Galactic Startup series:

  1. Galactic Startup (2018)
  2. Neighbors (2018)
  3. Shadows (2019)

Cover of Galactic Startup Cover of Neighbors Cover of Shadows

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    From a following review: "...you might need either a good air supply or heat in your converted shipping container. They don't question the wisdom of doing a drive by of the ISS..." so this does sound like an excellent match. – DavidW Jun 21 '19 at 20:40
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    That was it! Thank you so much. – sspence65 Jun 23 '19 at 8:25

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