Arcanum Unbounded talks about the gravity and size of planets in “cosmere standard” gravity and size (e.g. “...its size at around 1.5 cosmere standard...”1). I am curious what this is based on.

This Reddit comment says this:

Cosmere standard is exactly equal to Earth's size and gravitation.

I cannot find a source for this. Has anything canon said specifically what cosmere standard gravity and size are?

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    I'm on mobile, so digging up sources and writing a proper answer is a pain right now, but Cosmere standards refers to the planet of Yolen, which itself happens to have to Earth's size and gravity. – Martin Ender Jun 28 '19 at 23:04

They are based on Yolen.

I looked through Arcanum Unbounded and found a source for what Martin Ender said in a comment.

Khriss writes:

It is also very similar to Yolen in size and gravitation.
"The Scadrian System"; page 151 of the hardcover first edition.

While I have seen online that it is the size and mass of Earth, I cannot find a source for this, checking Arcanum for Word of Brandon. However, Brandon said that Scadrial is the most Earth-like planet, and because it is the exact same size and mass as Yolen it could be presumed that Yolen is pretty close to Earth in that regard.

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